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Before I tell you how Baby Boomers can make mone.y in on the

internet let me tell you what one of Baby Boomer, I met at barbecue

some time ago, told me.


Actually he told me a lot of things but I remember one sentence

that struck me


"Retirement sounds great but that is no pay check part I am worry



He told me also that most of his friends feel about the same about

retirement. Somehow most of people he knows are not very secure

financially about retirement and are not ready even if retirement

approaching soon no matter what.


He told me that almost nobody is ready for coming recession, dollar

loosing value every day, growing layoffs, job cuts and so on.


It was really painful experience listen to all that. It looked to

me like him and people like him would not be able to keep current

live style and that was really sad.


Looks like majority of Social Security check are like in $550-$1000

range monthly. Nobody can really survive with that kind of mone.y

unless they leave in trailer park in Florida or elsewhere.

Being internet marketer I started talking with him why not to have

some extra side income to supplement his current paycheck and still

get it after paycheck stop coming.


He told me that he would try but because of this tech mambo jumbo

it is not for him and that he unable to learn all those HTML,

javascript, coding etc.


At that time I was not ready to help him but this conversation was

the base of an idea.


Since most Baby Boomers are not technical at all but they still

want improve their lives I deceived to hire team of developers to

build system which will allow Baby Boomers to have their own mone.y

making website without any technical knowledge.


Since I really want people to succeed I have decided to give those

websites for $0.00 to everybody who wants to make additional mone.y

over the internet.


To test if website is easy enough I asked my father, who is now 74

year old, to activate and setup site. He was able to do it without

any explanation from me and he in not technical at all. He knows

how to use browser and email and that about all he knows about the



So since my 74 old father was able to do it, I am almost 100% sure

that just anybody can do it.


Activate your $0.00 website now.


To Your Success

marie louise swart


P.S. Make sure to check extensive training videos inside about how

easy it to track performance of your website so you know what is

going on.


Activate for free now

Break Free



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Be a visionary! Be the owner of your own Online Classified Outlet!


The old traditions of looking through or waiting for a newspaper are gone and with local online classifieds being the major means of advertising and shopping, the demand for advertising is shifting to online outlets!


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Marie Louise Swart

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