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I am going to show you how to make that extra money that we all need. I have done all the work and research, all you have to do is press the links. You will not be selling anything, you will be able to sit in the comfort of your own home in your best chair and do this. It s simple and fast and you can make your first $30.00 in 3 minutes.
This is the fastest, legal way of making money.  Don't pay for anything.  If you are ask you pay then know that it is a scam.  So come one try it you have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

I used several different types of income streams, let me break them down to you and explain how each of them works.

Affiliate - This is basically getting a person to sign up for another web site. Once they do, you then receive compensation for it. These can be either free sites to sign up for or sites that require you to pay to signup. Remember you do not always need to go for a big sale, a lot of commissions from free sites add up quickly.

There are lots of Affiliate companies out there, it is easy to google for one and just sign up to be a publisher.

PPC - Stands for Pay Per Click. Basically every time a user visits your web site and clicks on a advertisement link you make money from it. It is usually a couple cents per click which add up quickly if you have a large user base. The most popular is Google’s Adsense program, but they are very picky on the type of traffic you send.

Coreg - Coreg or Co-Registration, is becoming more popular. This is when you have a user sign up for your web site, but during the signup process you also give them a check box option to sign up for another web site as well. If the user agrees and checks the box you will receive compensation for it.

I use a combination of all of the above income streams. For my popular A.W.Surveys web site I use the Affiliate and the PPC methods. For my MoneyBumper web site I use only the Coreg option. Depending on the type of site you want to run it is always good to have a general idea of how you are going to make money from it. I always try to figure out how I can make the most money without inconveniencing the user. Otherwise the user will feel bombarded with ads or too many Coreg offers, which can likely result in the user being put off of your site and not visiting it again.

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How I made my Web sites so Popular

There are a couple of different ways to get traffic to your web site, I will explain the more popular types of traffic and how I have used them effectively.

Organic and SEO - Organic traffic is when somebody comes to your site directly from a search result without you having to pay for it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is often used with organic traffic. SEO helps get your web site ranked higher in search results leading more people to your web site.

Paid Search Results - You will notice when you search on google the top couple web sites are always sponsored. This is from people paying to have their web sites listed at the top to drive more traffic to their web site. They have to pay every time somebody clicks on the link, their goal is to make more money then it costs for each click they have to pay out giving them a profit. You will often here the technical term CPC associated with this type of traffic which stands for Cost Per Click.

Referrals - Many web sites set up Referral programs to bring in new traffic to their web site. In most cases Referral programs offer a percentage of a sale or fixed rate per new person they have sign up. You will often see the technical Terms CPA or CPS associated with this type of traffic, it stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Sale.

E-mail - E-mail can be a powerful tool in bringing members back to your web site and give them other valuable information. A lot of web sites have a monthly newsletter where they can keep their users informed of what is going on with their web site as well as promote other services and other web sites they might be interested in.

I have used all of the above traffic methods, but have had more success with some then others. I started out using Paid Search Results to get my first web site additional traffic. I later moved to Referrals as this was much more cost effective for me, I found it to be less expensive since I only had to pay when a user signed up and not just for clicking on the link. I also liked the idea of keeping everything “in house” and not having to pay another company for their services.

An additional benefit to referral traffic is the fact that it gets people talking more about your web site on forums, web sites, and other areas. Which actually helps your Organic Traffic. It helps because most search engines check to see how many web sites are linking to your web site. So the more sites that link to yours, the higher your site will be in the search results. Which means more free traffic to your site. This was especially effective for my A.W.Surveys web site.

I have recently started seeing the power of E-mail as well in getting more traffic to web sites. If you are able to send out a monthly news letter for your site, you can always add in other web sites where you can receive Referrals from. But, what I currently do is add in another web site that I own to drive more traffic to it. The synergy by this makes my other web sites more popular as well.